McKnight Graphix Portfolio

Web Design

Web design plays a powerful impact on the appearance of a theme or a product. With proper coding and effectiveness with graphics, websites can attract our attention and can keep our interests. My selection is a composition of a former vacation home for one of my previous clients, a revised template of my university's homepage, a magazine website I worked on for an independent study, the fetii creature website class assignment highlighting one of the nightmares I had growing up, and the Brooklyn Historic website which I am developing for the Historical Society in Brooklyn, PA.

Graphic Design

This section highlights my graphic design used for my undergraduate studies and for commissions. Some of my recent work includes the Crayola Crayon Day promotion for my work for a marketing coordinator at a dining hall I worked at and my Prien Communications logo designs for a Communications professor at my university. I construct posters, brochures, logo designs, and MORE. Experimenting with new styles/formats is a skill I am frequently sharpening as a graphic designer.

For my designs, I believe a memorable, powerful graphic is essential for it to function in attracting attention. The Open House Poster was one of the examples where I wanted to incorporate depth in the composition. Originally, I meant it to be a 3D de Stijl inspired piece, but it became more Memphis-Millano oriented with the variety of color and three dimensional effect.

Digital Artwork

At a young age, I had a fascination in watching smoke emerge from burning campfires and drawing. Upon learning Photoshop, I wanted to unify these interests in my artwork. My first project was my “Reindeer in the Smoke” piece I created for my digital photography class. I was fascinated in the endless arrangements that the smoke can take when it is released from incense sticks. As a result, I continued using this as a motif and manipulated it in photoshop. The smoke not only was my primary artistic instrument, but also served in my expression of memento mori. The smoke, like us, transforms itself into various forms until it is nothing more.

Fine art

Drawing is the core foundation that a majority of my artwork is based off of. These samples display some of my mixed media work. Some of the themes include the macabre, recordance of history, and an old-master reworked pieces.

Digital Photography

Photography amazes me in the way that your everyday images are frozen in time. In this section, I display a number of my incense smoke pieces preserving the shapes of smoke along with my other pieces I took during trips to renaissance fairs and other places. My “Mints Lemonade” and “Bartendress” pieces both won second place at the Lock Haven University's International Photography show.


This gallery displays my animative/interactive works I constructed. The first animation I ever worked on was of a horned owl. This was based off of a story of a horned owl named "Tuffy" I researched from the Steamtown Archives. Two of my popular reflect upon my wild imagination concerning aborted zombie-fetuses during my animation class.Now, you might think "Walking Dead" when the word "zombies" comes about, but what if they weren't even born yet? I seek to capitalize upon this motif.


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